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Born on November 17, 1976, in Bruges, Belgium, Gys Godderis has come a long way from his days of having a one-man office in a small room in Ghent. The concept of POLARIS by centralizing his clients creative needs was founded by him in 1999.

PolarisCS and Pelicano Foundation

The Belgian  Pelicano Foundation has a philanthropic purpose, intended to cover general welfare and medical, educational and social welfare of Belgian disadvantaged children and young people. The foundation is a politically and religiously neutral institution and is under the patronage of Her Royal Highness Princess Astrid. PolarisCS is a proud sponsor of Pelicano Foundation, by providing a website website and voluntary support. More philantropic news? Check

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Powershifting: Is Quality Content Leaving SEO Behind?

With Google’s Penguin search algorithm about to spread its wings and fly, blur Group's Community Manage Kerrith looks at how this will affect content writers and SEO gurus. The chemistry of ranking seems to be shifting as Google encourages marketers to create unique original content that builds a nucleus of engagement, positioning brands as not just providing quality products but striving to be an authority in their field. Examples of changes in ranking strategy have pointed to things like mass linking as having detrimental effects on ranking chemistry, as well as reproducing content, with the penguin algorithm already stopping strategists using these black hat techniques. We spoke to blur Group’s SEO and PPC Master, Jacky, to get some informed opinion on what the update means, "No longer can smart html tags and keyword stuffing translate to high rankings. I can see this update being more social media driven - the more people mention you on social media the more relevant you are. “Could that be the reason why Google developed Google+? Are they ‘predicting’ how social media is becoming relevant to the market.” If we are to agree with Jacky’s comments it’s easy to assume Google’s domination of the search engine can keep Google+ miles ahead of its competitors. The combination of high quality content and social media engagement seems vaguely positive but comes with its own set of problems. Discussing this matter further brought up interesting issues with the balance of emphasis placed on quality content and social media engagement being of the utmost importance. With smaller companies unable to engage with the social media users at the same level as well known big brands, Google’s championing of content seems to fall away in [...]

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POLARIS CHRONICLE 2013 Interact Edition

Obviously, we could give you an anti-stress ball with our logo on it, or a pen or … or… We came to the conclusion that none of these would be sufficient. Thinking about a smart and useful gift for our clients (to be), we considered the professional wants of a member of a congress and his/her need for an anti-stress ball or a pen. Both items seem(ed) superfluous. So, no anti-stress ball, no pen, no silly hat this year, but a special edition of our Polaris Chronicle, another publication by Polaris Creative Solutions. Click HERE to read this editon.

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POLARIS CS attending INTERACT Barcelona 2013

POLARISC CS has the opportunity to attend Interact 2013 in Barcelona. Interact is the essential meeting-place where leading European advertisers, industry experts, agencies and media owners gather for digital insight, debate and inspiration in Barcelona. Now in its seventh year, it offers all the elements for building winning business strategies: a thought-provoking conference programme with leading industry figures, interactive workshops and plenty of networking opportunities. In addition to the conference programme, the MIXX and Research awards are presented for creativity in advertising and best practice in research on 23rd and 24th May. PROGRAM On the first day, May 23, industry experts and commentators will present the latest developments in the digital environment through three streams: Digital business trends (including the annual AdEx Benchmark results), consumer research and standardisation initiatives in Europe Policy updates on the proposed new data privacy rules, legal limits and regulatory risks of the multi-screen universe and self-regulation for online behavioural advertising Inspiration from and for the advertising industry featuring creative showcases, award-winning digital campaigns and the latest technologies and digital innovations. Day 2 will turn to the strategies and tactics of digital leaders with keynote speeches on: Agency responses to the challenge of the multi-screen universe and the post-digital consumer Innovation in consumer experience of content and brands across multiple devices Initiatives from leading brands to engage across screens Winning publisher strategies Latest tools to measure the evolving audience and assess advertising impact. At the same time as the conference, the prestigious Marketing and Interactive Excellence Awards,  MIXX Europe and IAB Europe Research Awards will celebrate the very best European interactive campaigns and the most significant digital media research projects of the year at the Interact Gala Awards Dinner. We WILL meet: Geoff Seeley Global Media [...]

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We like: Kollefeesten 2013

MAY 18-19-20- 2013 "Kollefeesten" Belgium. Since 1960, every year in May, vzw Kollekasteel organises a fantastic local event for three days. It's a great local tradition and POLARIS CS is proud to be part of this tradition. The unique Kolle castle is a great venue for meetings. and events. A small event, but with a great atmosphere !   In Dutch: Prachtig weer, prachtige artiesten en een prachtig publiek! Dit was kort samengevat onze 52ste editie van de Kollefeesten op 26, 27 en 28 mei 2012. Meer dan 6000 bezoekers konden weer genieten van diverse live optredens en talrijke activiteiten. De percussiegroep BANDA OBÁ GUINÉ brachten ons in een zuiderse sfeer met opzwepende Braziliaanse ritmes. Luidkeels meezingen en wijdbeens swingen deden we met PARTIE PARTY (met onder meer Kurt Burgelman) die ons een regen van hits uit de voorbije decennia brachten, verpakt in vrolijke medleys. One man, one guitar, one voice! Dit was DIRK DE VRIENDT met covers uit de 60’s tot heden (pop, rock, blues en folksongs). Ook SPELLBAUND trakteerde ons met een gevarieerde cocktail van steengoede ambiance-covers, trouw aan het origineel, maar wel met hun eigen touch. KOLONAISE POLONAISE was een mini crooner- en schlagerfestival met DANNY DEVIL en BART VAN GENTH. En Gentse meezingers hoorden we in het café chantant van WILLY BART MEE ZIJNE GRUUTE KLUTS. De OLDTIMERRIT en onze succesvolle jaarlijkse ROMMELMARKT konden ook weer op veel belangstelling genieten. De bovenverdieping van het kasteel werd door KOLLE'S FOTOSALON ingepalmd. Op deze fototentoonstelling toonde heemkundige kring Marka ons een expo over"KOLEGEM IN OUDE FOTO'S". De fotoclub (f)Art toonde met het thema "DE BESTE WERKEN" de mooiste foto's van hun leden. En het Collectief FO2 exposeerde 2 thema's: verzameld werk "IN EN OM GENT" en de aangrijpende fotoreportage "MISSIE MYANMAR: SEE AND SMILE". Voor de allerkleinsten was er een circusvoorstelling van CIRCO DAPARRO en natuurlijk ook onze kleurrijke KOLLEKERMIS met diverse [...]

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POLARIS CS latest advertisement

The imagination that inspires our work can also be found in our advertising. We're demonstrating the many ways we try to make a difference in our world with some exciting campaigns. 2013 Core Message for social media ads: There are many ways to make your point...        

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POLARIS CS investing in new software

Al POLARIS CS teams will be using the latest graphical software to support variety of webdesign, graphic design and marketing solutions. We have extended and expanded the company’s technology relationship with Adobe. Adobe is implementing an integrated technology system for designers that consists of tech products for graphic design, webdesign, motion picture, marketing and communication. This investment is part of the PCS Masterplan for 2013-2014.

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POLARISCS supports MIXX Awards 2013

The Marketing and Interactive Excellence Awards’ or short, MIXX Awards, reward the best interactive campaigns in Europe. All cases that have won a similar award in their country are allowed to participate. Therefore it’s the ultimate chance to measure your case(s) with the best ones in Europe. MIXX Awards Europe is an initiative of IAB Europe. Its mission is to protect, prove, promote and professionalise Europe’s online advertising, media, market research and analytics industries. The MIXX Awards mainly and solely goal is to celebrate and recognize the excellence in creative and effective digital and interactive campaigns from all over Europe.

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