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Our company’s roots are firmly planted in web and interactive design. Our approach to every project is to strengthen your brand through brilliant online communication. As an experienced design agency, we ensure that when your brand presence is online, it delivers the positive and engaging experience your audience deserves.

POLARIS CS’ services include everything from basic informational web site design to ecommerce web design development, content management systems, database design, and mobile design. Our company creates superior interactive user experiences using the latest in standards-compliant HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, and MySQL.

We work with several content management systems, which we include in most of our website design packages. This helps us provide all of our clients with the power to intuitively control their website content with minimal hassle.

Most of us can remember when websites didn’t exist. In the span of 10 years the web design has barreled forward with new technologies and formats that have made it challenging for even the most experienced website professional. Even design firms can fall behind.

At POLARIS CS, our team attends regular continuing education courses locally and nationally, making time for the latest web design and development tutorials or seminars, and stays on top of the latest trends and technologies for our company. Plus, our software is consistently updated to the latest versions, so our website design and mobile development capabilities keep right in line with today’s ever-evolving technologies.