Welcome to Planet Polaris

//Welcome to Planet Polaris

Welcome to Planet Polaris

Building a new multi-dimensional framework for future projects. Last week, the teams approved the agreement reached and have consolidated their trust in the creation of Planet Polaris™ and to prepare the necessary steps to put in place the new holding. This new framework will protect the growth of the companies and will be responsible for future developments superordinating all subsidiary companies like EVE Culture Building, Polaris Creative Solutions, It’s a Hotel™, Polarisnation Group™, NineGoodies™, PolarisCare™, Clever&Cool™ and with interests in several other affiliate companies. Exiting news thus, and more to come in a near future!


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About the Author:

Born on November 17, 1976, in Bruges, Belgium, Gys Godderis has come a long way from his days of having a one-man office in a small room in Ghent. The concept of POLARIS by centralizing his clients creative needs was founded by him in 1999.